Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Blessings from heaven are raining down! (and literal rain as well)

Hey!  So this week was so great!  There were so many things that happened this week, It's crazy!  First of all, it's starting to rain a lot.  It has been raining every single day for a while now.  We haven't had any super crazy downpours, like my first week here, but we do get wet...

But yeah, this week we finally found people to teach!  It's been crazy, we've been working a ton trying to contact and find new people to teach for the entire change, and it hasn't been working out.  But this week we've been blessed with a ton of new people to teach!!  I couldn't believe it!  It really made me realize the hand of God in this missionary work.  We found so many people who were so prepared to listen to the gospel message!  

We had divisions with the zone leaders on Thursday and we contacted a ton!  I went with Elder Weaver, who was my district leader before in Miahuatlan and now is my zone leader.  We found a good amount of people to teach, and had a good time as well.  He is a good friend in the mission.

That day Elder Rullan and my other zone leader found someone awesome!  His name is Hector, and he is 19.  He has a girlfriend who is leaving on her mission this month!  For that reason he is really interested in learning about the church.  We found him this week and he went to church on Sunday.  He has a ton of potential!  We are super pleased to have the opportunity to teach someone prepared by the lord.
We have an investigator named Elodia.  She has been taking lessons from the missionaries for a long time, but she has been really stubborn about getting baptized.  Her mom is catholic, so she's had a hard time adjusting from her catholic background and having the courage to say yes to baptism.  Last Monday we had a lesson with her, and everything changed!  She accepted baptism.  We are so happy, and we know that the Lord truly softened her heart.

So yeah, we've received many blessings this week.  I know that the Lord truly does bless us when we strive our hardest to do his work.  They don't usually come right away, we need to have patience, but we can have the faith that he will always support us and guide us.  I know that the lord has a plan for each and every one of us, and even if things don't look so great right now, everything will turn out in the end.

Now I have a story, and it's really funny.  The other day we were leaving a lesson, and it started to rain.  We took out our umbrellas and started walking home, when a man came up to my companion, grabbed the hand that was holding the umbrella, and started walking with him under the umbrella.  We didn't know him.  We think he might have been drunk.  We asked him where he was going and he said he just wanted to go with us.  Ok then.  So we went to a dead end and the member that was with us told him to knock on some doors to see if anybody there knew who he was.  He started knocking, and we casually started walking away, and when we got to the corner, we ran as fast as we could.  It was so weird!  But that's one of the reasons that I love my mission, there are a ton of weird experiences like this one!

That’s a little bit about this week.  Thanks for all your prayers and letters!  I love you all!  

Elder Lindsay