Monday, January 18, 2016

Week... I'm not sure what week it is anymore.

Hola!  So this week was pretty normal.  It was bitter-sweet.  The beginning of the week was really good, and the end was kind of rough.  I'll start with the beginning!

This Tuesday we had divisions!  Elder Silvestre went with our district leader, Elder Weaver, and I went with his companion, Elder Merrill.  Heres the cool thing:  Elder Merrill was my friend before the mission, he was in my stake, and in fact, he was my companion in our stake missionary camp, Helaman's camp, about 2 years ago!  Crazy right?  So for that one day we were companions again, this time for real.

The not so cool thing was that we are both new to the mission, so neither of us speaks spanish super great.  So that was difficult.  Usually when I stumble in words or don't have anything to say, Elder Silvestre takes over for me, but with Elder Merrill, I couldn't do that.  So I wasn't looking forward to this division.  But I had a really good experience actually!  I found that my spanish is better than I thought it was, and even though there were rocky moments, we were able to teach the lessons effectively.  We had a sucussful day!  I really felt the gift of toungues that day, and realized that I am making a difference here, despite my weaknesses.

That day and the day after I really felt God's love and approval for the things that I am doing here.  It was very much needed, because sometimes I get down on myself because of my shortcomings.  I know that when we put in our best efforts, even if they aren't much, God is pleased with our offering, and blesses us exceedingly.

But like I said before, the rest of the week was kind of rough.  We have been working really hard to teach our investigators, and find new people to teach, but lots of things didn't turn out like we wanted this week.  Our investigator Juan said that he recieved an answer from God that the catholic church is the true church.  It was really sad.  He says he is happy to keep meeting with us, but he doesn't believe in our church.  With any other investigator, I could have told them to read the book of mormon to know for a fact that this church is true, but Juan is blind, so he can't!  It was a very frustrating moment for us.  We'll keep working with him and trust in God that everything will be alright, but that was definitely a let down.

Also, our investigator Nataly, who is about 15, has been progressing really well in the past.  We had her baptism date set for 6 of Feburary, but this week she didn't come to church, and we couldn't find her at her house afterwards!  We are going to have to move the baptism forward 2 weeks at the least, so that was also a let down.  We hope that despite all this, she will be able to continue forward and progress toward baptism.

This week was hard, but I have high hopes for the future.  This week I am going to work even harder to find people to teach, and try my very best to help the investigators we already have.  I know that God will help me and my companion as we do everything in our power to bring people unto Christ.  I know that this gospel is true, and I want to help others know it as well.  With God's help, I know that we will find people who are ready and willing to progress in the gospel.

Love you all!  Adios!

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