Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy new year from Oaxaca!

Hola!  Happy new year everyone!  It has definitely been a different experience this year here in Oaxaca...  They have the strangest traditions here!  For new years they have this giant doll thing of an old man that sits outside of their houses.  It is as big as a real person.  And when the new year hits, they blow it up!!!  It's really strange to me, but hey, whatever makes them happy I guess...  Also they celebrate with piñatas!  At least I understand that tradition, piñatas are the best!

As for me and Elder Silvestre, we didn't stay up until 12 to celebrate the new year, cause of mission rules.  It was a weird feeling to go to bed in 2015 and wake up in 2016, because I always stay up until 12 on new years eve! 

But anyways, this is how new years went for us.  We came into the house after our appointments and found that we had no electricity!  It was random, because every other apartment had electricity, but not ours.  So we decided to go up to the roof to celebrate, where there was light.  Elder Silvestre bought a chocolate flan, so we ate flan, drank soda, and played uno on the roof.  It was really fun, I enjoyed it!  

New years day was kind of boring, to be honest.  We were trying to find things to do, but everyone was with there families celebrating, so there was nobody on the streets!  So yeah, we didn't get a lot of teaching opportunities that day.

This week was very different, because now it is just me and Elder Silvestre.  We both decided that we want to work harded, so this week we have been doing a lot more work than before.  I really like it, I want to be as productive as possible!  But it is also a hard adjustment, every night we are both really really tired.  I just hope that our work pays off, and we are able to find people who are willing to listen and act upon our message.

The people here are kind of crazy!  First of all, there are a ton of Catholics.  It makes it very difficult to find people to teach, most of them are really stubborn!  It's frustrating at times.  Also, the people here love to talk!  It makes it very difficult to teach at times, cause they often don't let you finish your sentances.  

And then there are people who have... interesting beliefs.  This week we taught a man who claimed that he had a vision.  He said two beings (I don't know if they were angels or what, it was hard to understand a lot of it) grabbed onto his arms and ripped his spirit away from his body and took it up to heaven.  There he said that he saw 2 giant angels stand before him.  One of them was holding a flaming orange.  (no joke)  He said the angel brought him to the throne of God, who had no face and had black skin.  And yeah... thats about all that I understood.  

Anyways, thats how teaching is!  It is an adventure every time, ha...

Today for P day we went to Oaxaca, because Elder Silvestre's old companion is finishing his mission and he wanted to say goodbye.  We visited a bunch of shops there, and it was fun!  We also visted the temple grounds, and that was cool!  Oh, and a woman punched my back.  I don't know why.  Probably because I'm white.  I didn't take the time to ask, I just kind of kept walking.

So yeah, this week was full of adventures!  Thats all I have for this week, Adios!
This is me at the Oaxaca city temple!!
These are some of the dolls that they blow up at the new year here!
This is how we celebrated the new year here.  It was good fun!

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