Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Oaxaca!

Hello!  So this week was Christmas, in case you missed it.  It was a busy and exciting week here in Oaxaca!  We did a lot of contacting this week, and we found a good amount of new people to teach!  So thats good!  My favorite contact this week was a lady that we saw struggling to carry a good amount of branches up a hill.  I approached her and offered help, and she accepted.  We carried the branches all the way accross the city!  But when we got to her house, we asked if we could share a message.  She seems interested to learn more about the gospel.  I loved using service to introduce people to the gospel!

On Christmas eve all the missionaries around here gathered in Oaxaca city for a Christmas activity!  It was really fun!  We had dinner, played soccer, had a talent show, and had a devotional.  Then we returned to Miahuatlan to have dinner with some members.  This family (The Davitas) is so sweet, there is one older lady, 3 young woman, and 1 young man.  We did a sub for santa thing with them, and they got me a new tie.  So nice!

Christmas we had a baptism interview for our investigator E.  It went well.  Then we searched for a long time for a place where we could skype our families, haha...  Pretty much every internet place was closed...  We eventually had to borrow computers from members, ha...

But it was such a joy to talk to my family for a little bit!  I really enjoyed that, it was definitely the highlight of my Christmas.  

Thats pretty much it for Christmas.  It was very simple.  But if you think about it, the birth of Christ is very simple as well.  He was born in a stable, amist animals.  It was actually quite nice to have a simple Christmas this year, without all of the many distractions that often occur at this time of year.

The day after Christmas, we had the baptism for E!  It was great!  Elder Silvestre Baptized him.  I was so happy for him and his progress.  The gospel truely does bring so much joy in our lives.

Today we had a surprise.  We had a special transfer today, so we lost Elder Prieto in our companionship.  Now its just me and Elder Silvestre.  It is sad to lose him, but I'm also excited to see what it is like to only have one companion, because to be honest, having 2 is difficult.

Thats all I have for today!  Have a very happy new year everyone!

Elder Lindsay
Our Christmas tree!
​This is on Christmas eve, and the Davitas' house.  Look at the cute way they wrapped our presents!  They're the best!  (And that isn't my jacket, by the way.)
This is a picture of the baptism this saturday, with me and my companions with E and his family.  :)

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