Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 2 in the mission field!

Hola!  So I've been here in Oaxaca for 2 weeks now!  I feel like i'm slowly adjusting to the lifestyle here, and the lifestyle of a missionary.  It's a lot of work, but I'm glad to be here, and I know that what I'm doing is making a difference.

Every day we start the day with several hours of study.  (4 to be exact)  This time is very precious to me, and I love having time to study and prepare.  The scriptures are a great comfort to me.  Every time I open the scriptures I can be assured that I will feel the spirit.  What a great gift the scriptures are!

After study it is time to head out.  Every day we teach about 5 to 6 lessons, some to investigators, some to members.  I really like teaching!  You see, my spanish is fairly good when it comes to teaching.  Even though I can't express everything I want to say, I can testify sincerely with the spirit.  I have a long way to go, but I'm glad I have the capability to teach people.

We also do a lot of contacting, which is more difficult for me. It isn't easy for me to aproach a stranger and start talking to them, especially when it is in spanish!  I try my best, but I still speak awkwardly.  But I know that if I keep trying and excercise my faith, God will make my weakness into a strength.  

Oaxaca is so different!  This city is covered with buildings, which line the streets.  There are no gaps in between the buildings, so it feels like a giant maze sometimes!  We give our lessons in all sorts of places.  People don't have living rooms here like they do in america, so we are often sitting on the floor or standing.  There are often animals, like chickens just wandering through their houses.  I like it, its fun!  

Thats all I've got for this week.  Adios!
Every monday the city completely transforms!  People set up little shops like this all over the center of town.  Its chaotic, but really cool at the same time!

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