Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 3 in the feild!

Hello!  This week was good!  I really like this city, it is an adventure every day!  Mission life is tough, but I'm adjusting, and I have faith that eventually I will be able to communicate and listen effectively in spanish!

The truth is, I have improved a lot in spanish over the past couple weeks.  I just have a long way to go still.  I am doing my best to be patient, and heavenly father is helping me with that.  But its cool when I realize that I can actually understand everything that someone is saying!  And when I say a sentance in spanish and realize that I didn't even have to translate it in my head, thats cool too!

I want to talk about my city, Miahuatlan.  There is a ton to say about it, so I won't cover everything, but I wanted to share more about it!

First off, the city has buildings on every inch of the street.  It feels like a maze sometimes!  Houses don't have doors, they have metel gates usually.  That means that when we go contacting, we have to knock on the gates and yell "Buenas tardes!"  It is interesting.  Also, they have a strange obsession with winnie the pooh here.  He is painted all over the place!  It is really random, haha...  There are people selling stuff all over.  Grasshoppers, bread, juice, all sorts of stuff.  There is a truck that sells gas that is probably the most annoying thing in the world.  It has a big speaker on the top of it, and every 7 seconds or so it blasts a loud Mooing sound.  Literally, i think they recorded a cow and blast it, and that is their idea of advertising.  It is so loud, so I hear mooing pretty much all the time on the street.

The food here is really good!  And sometimes really weird!  For example, they love eating bugs.  Love it!  People have buckets full of grasshopper things, and they sell them on the street all the time.  I have had my fair share of them in the time that i have been here.  They aren't bad, actually...  The other day I had a chicken and grasshopper taco.  It was pretty sweet.  But yeah, most of the time the food is super good, even if it doesn't look good.  Cactus is good, I ate that this week.  But the people that we eat with are kind of crazy!  Because I'm white, all the mexican men do everything they can to make sure that I eat every strange or gross thing on the table.  When I say I'm full, they say, no, its for you!  They refill my plate when I am completely stuffed, and then they do it again!  It's their quest, or something like that.  But what can you do.  Oh, the juice here is really good.  I don't usually know what fruit the juice comes from, but its good, so I'm not complaining.

There are a ton of wild dogs here!  They roam the street.  It made me really nervous when I first got here, but they seem to leave you alone if you leave them alone.  Lots of people have them as pets as well.  People also have pigs, goats, and cats for pets.  Its funny, haha.  The bugs here are awful.  There are so many cockroaches!  The other day when Elder Prieto was taking out a mini Cristmas tree to set up, he yelped and ran outside with the box.  When he dumped it out, I saw that there were a whole bunch of cockroaches inside, 30 at least!!  We had to stomp them to make sure they didn't come into the house again...  It was nasty!

Thats a little bit more about my city!  Sorry, it was really scattered.  I was just kind of brain dumping.

Anyways, this week we had the opportunity to go to a baptism for one of the children in our ward.  It was a really cool experience!  We drove about 20 minutes outside of the city and had it in a river!  It was a really pretty spot for a baptism.  I loved seeing more of Oaxaca and it's beauty.  It was funny, in sacrement meeting the next day, he was invited to the pulpit to tell about how he felt in his baptism.  He said, "When I entered the water, I felt really cold."  Thats it.  It made me laugh.

Right now we have 2 investigators ready for baptism!  They are both investigators that Elder Silvestre and Elder Prieto worked with before I came, so I didn't really do much with them.  Other than that, we don't really have anybody who is progressing much.  We are doing a lot of contacting.  I hope to find someone else who is prepared to recieve our message.

I'm out of time again!  Thanks for all of your prayers!  Love you all!
This is where the baptism was!!
This is the center of town!  Christmas, yay!

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