Monday, December 21, 2015

This week!

Hola!  So this week was kind of crazy.  I'm adjusting to life here very quickly now, and I'm understanding a lot more spanish!!  It's nice to actually know what is going on once in a while, ha...  It's still hard to speak though, because everybody here can speak so fast, and it takes time for me to think about what I want to say in spanish, so by the time I figure out what I want to add to the conversation, they're talking about something else.  But oh well!  It will come with time.

Living with random people who don't speak your native language is tough.  They're great people, but we all come from different cultures, so we have different expectations and habits.  But I'm glad for the opportunity.  They're teaching me a lot about spanish, so thats a plus.  And I'm developing patience, so thats good too, haha.

This week we had our first companion exchange.  Our district leader, Elder Valedez, went to Miahuatlan with Elder Prieto, while Elder Silvestre and I went to Ocotlan with Elder Merrill!  Elder Merrill is from Highland as well, in fact, he was in my stake!  Its kind of crazy that we ended up as companions for a day.  It was a really fun day, I loved being in a different city for a bit, and I liked talking to someone in english as well, ha... 

Also, this Saturday we had a Missionary Christmas choir concert in Oaxaca City.  It was awesome!  It was really well put together, and I felt the spirit really strongly.  It made me really excited for Christmas, and helped me remember the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful for him, and for all that he has done for me, and still does for me.

That night we stayed in Oaxaca, with 2 other missionaries.  One of them was companions with both of my current companions, so they had a lot of fun.  Probably a little too much fun, they were kind of crazy!  But it was fun, we ordered a pizza, and talked.  It was nice to get to know some more missionaries better.

We gave some service this week for some members here.  They needed some help at their farm, and I really enjoyed helping there.  We were harvesting corn and bagging it up.  Afterwards we went and checked out their animals.  It was really fun, I liked getting out of the city and into nature for a little bit!
This week one of our investigators, named J, was baptized!!  It was a great experience.  I didn't work with her a lot, because my companions gave her all the required lessons before I got here.  But it was such a joy to see her recieve this important ordenance!  She is about 23, I would guess, and her husband is a member already.  They have one son who is really cute!  When I saw her baptism, it made me so excited for her.  Baptism is the gate, and if she continues in the church faithfully, she has the opportunity to enter the temple and be sealed with her husband and son.  There is so much happiness ahead for her!  I know that this gospel brings so many blessings.  I hope to help many other people recieve these blessings for themselves, through my efforts as a missionary.  

Thats about it for this week!  I love you all, and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.  Remember the true purpose of Christmas.  Take some time to reflect and be grateful.  I know that Christ lives.  Until next week!

Elder Lindsay
Last week was Elder Silvestre's birthday!  An awesome member family gave him this cake and played soccer with us on his birthday (it was p day)  It was fun.  He's 22!
​We found a tire swing.
​This week we had a branch christmas party.  It was cool, and we brought a couple investigators to it as well!  We made piñatas, and this was the elder's quorem's piñata.

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