Monday, February 15, 2016

¡Si! ¡Tengo 19 años!

So yeah, my birthday was this week, and it was pretty great!  There was a family in the ward that got sealed on my birthday, so I got to go to the temple with them on my birthday!!  It was the perfect gift, and I am so happy I had the opportunity!  I had an amazing, spiritual experience inside.  It was so beautiful to see this family enter the temple for the first time, and to see the spirit touch their hearts.  When we were in the celestial room, I looked over to see Hna. N (the mom) crying tears of joy, and I got a really warm feeling in my heart.  I realized that this was what I was doing as a missionary, bringing people to this joy and happiness.  I felt a great love from my heavenly father.  I knew that I was in the right place, and that he is so proud of me.  I wanted to share the gospel before, but now I want to share it even more!!  I want everyone to feel of this love that heavenly father has for each one of us.

The sealing was extremely spiritual as well.  The two were sealed as husband and wife, and then their children were sealed to them as well.  They were so happy and so filled with the spirit.  I love that we have the opportunity as members of this chuch to have eternal families.  It is so beautiful.

So yeah, that was the highlight of my birthday.  Other than that, it was pretty normal.  We didn't have a lot of time to celebrate or anything like that, ha...  But yeah.  Honestly, I couldn't have asked for more for my birthday.  It was a little weird and sad to not have my family around for it, but I know that I'm in the right place.  Although I'll be away from them for these 2 years, I will have the opportunity to spent eternity with them in the future.

In other news for this week:  I threw up for the first time this week!  I almost made it 4 months without throwing up in mexico!  But honestly, I'm surprised I lasted that long.  It wasn't so bad, I was just sick in the night, and in the morning I felt better, more or less.  So yeah, the food here is sketchy.

Also, we had interviews with the president this week.  He gave me some really good advice about investigators who aren't reading the book of mormon on their own.  He told me that if they aren't reading on their own, I should read out loud with them, until I feel the spirit.  When I feel the spirit, I should stop, and ask them if they feel something.  If they say yes, I should say, "do you want to feel that more?"  When they say yes, I tell them that they can do that by reading the book of mormon.  Our president is a great person, I'm really grateful for his help.

Today is the start of my third transfer here, and...  I'm staying here in Miahuatlan.  And so is Elder Silvestre.  Whew.  Honestly, I was hoping to get a new companion, because I've been with Elder Silvestre for a long time, and he is sometimes hard to work with.  But I remembered that this work is not about me, and that if the lord wants me here with Elder Silvestre, it is for a good reason.  I will work my hardest to find all those that the lord has prepared for me here.  

Thats all the time I have for today, I love you all!

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