Friday, March 25, 2016

Ha! I can speak Spanish in my sleep!

Hello!  This week went well!  The beginning was a little hard because we walked a ton and almost nobody was there for our appointments.  We are a little frustrated because our investigators aren't progressing as much as before.  We are finding people to listen to us, but very few are sincere and are acting upon their commitments.  The investigators who are acting often have problems that prevent them from coming to church, so for the moment they can't progress towards baptism.  But we are still trying hard to find new people to teach and to help our current investigators progress.

So according to Elder Silvestre, I talk in my sleep.  When I first arrived he said that I talk in english in my sleep.  But this week he said that I've been talking in spanish in my sleep..!  Thats super weird to me.  When I get home, I very well could forget how to speak english!  Haha, just kidding, I'm good with english.  I think.  He says that my pronunciation is better in my sleep than when I'm awake.  So I guess I just need to sleep in my lessons and everyone will understand me!!  Ha...

So in case you were wondering, they don't celebrate St. Patrick's day here.  It surprised me, cause they seem to celebrate every little thing here!  But don't worry, I still wore green.

The members here are really cool, I enjoy spending time with them.  They love to celebrate and have fun, like pretty much everyone here.  They are also really nice to us missionaries and help us out when we have a need. 

Today for P-day we climbed a really big hill in the outskirts of Miahuatlan!  It was hard, the trail was really hard to find so we often lost our way and had to climb over all sorts of cacti and stuff like that.  It was painful.  But it was really cool when we made it to the top!  We could see in all directions.  We took some pretty cool pictures on some rocks on the hill.

So yeah, I'm enjoying my time here on the mission.  It is hard, but very much worth it.  Thats all I have for this week, Adios!!

Elder Lindsay

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