Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So, The Gospel is pretty Great!

So yeah, this week was pretty basic!  We had lessons, looked for new investigators, the usual.  Now that the baptism of Ema is over, we don't have any baptisms that are coming up real soon.  So we're doing our best to help our investigators progress towards baptism.  Osbaldo is doing alright, he is having some doubts about the gospel and he says he wants to study more and learn more before he is baptized, even though we taught him all the lessons and he says he doesn't have any doubts or anything.  He didn't come to church yesterday, so we're a little nervous.  We are praying for him a lot and hoping that he receives an answer from heaven that this is the place that he should be in.

The family that we found a while back who is going through a hard time is progressing, but it is hard for them to get to church right now, because their daughter is recovering still and needs to stay in her bed, and she needs somebody with her at all times.  We are hoping that everything goes well with her and her entire family, and we hope when the circumstances calm down a little more they will continue to investigate and progress in the gospel.  We had the opportunity to give their daughter a priesthood blessing the other day, and it was a really cool experience.  I could tell the faith of the family was very strong, even though they were just introduced to the gospel a couple weeks back.  I am thankful for the priesthood power on the earth today, and I am really thankful for the opportunity to teach a family that was truly prepared and ready to receive this gospel. 

This week we had divisions again, and I went with our district leader for a day.  His name is Elder Weaver, and he's really cool.  I learned a lot from him, and had a great time speaking English with somebody for a day, haha...  And we made an Oreo shake too.  So that was pretty exciting.

Random mexico thing:  This week there was a holiday where they celebrated the samaritan who Jesus taught at the well from the Bible.  They have a holiday for everything here.  Basically it's a day where you can get free water.  ¡Si!  ¡Agua gratis!  ¡Estoy emocionado!!!  So yeah, that's random.

We found a new investigator named Tino a couple weeks back.  He is the cousin of one of the members here in the branch, and he is a drunk.  He said he has been drinking for about 20 years and can't seem to stop.  When we found him, he seemed to have lost all hope.  He said that he is lost.  We taught him about the gospel and the power that it has to help us through all sorts of problems, no matter how big.  We testified of the holy spirit, and did everything we could to help him.  As we taught him over the next couple days, we could tell that we was not making any progress.  We as well lost hope that he would progress.  But the other day we came across him in the street, and he looked like a completely different person.  His hair was combed and he wore clean clothes and everything.  We were super surprised.  We taught him a lesson, and he was hopeful.  He said that he had been reading the Book of Mormon, and that he isn't going to drink anymore.  He promised that he will go to church next week, and the spirit was really strong.

I was very humbled by this experience.  I realized that this missionary work isn't just us teaching lessons to people.  The lord is also working, and he never rests.  I should have had more faith in what he does, because he is the one who changes and converts the people.  I realized that Tino recieved the miraculous help of the Lord.  It truly was a miracle.  I don't have to do much as a missionary, I'm just the messenger.  The lord is the one who converts the people and works the miracles necessary to help the people.  It reminded me of a scripture that I like a lot:

D&C 123:7
Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.

I know that this church is true and that the gospel truly can change lives.  I have high hopes for Tino, for I know that with the help of the Lord, he can do all things.

That's all for this week, I love you all!

Elder Lindsay

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