Monday, March 28, 2016

The one and only "Semana Santa" ("Holy week" for all you english speakers)

Hola!  So, in the United States we have Easter, right?  Just Easter.  Nothing else.  But here in Mexico, they celebrate for an entire week.  They call it the holy week.  And yeah, it's cool.  They remember the last week of Christ's life, including his death, time in the tomb, and resurrection.  But they have a bunch of weird traditions that don't really fit with the whole Jesus theme.  For example, on Saturday they all throw water at each other.  I don't get it... but, its good, I guess!

The bad thing about Semana Santa is that it is very hard to do missionary work in this week.  Everyone is on vacations or celebrating, so there aren't a lot of people at home.  We knocked on a ton of doors this week, and didn't find many people at all...  So it was kind of a rough week.  Its frustrating to not have anything to do.  But this week should be a better week for missionary work.  Cross your fingers for me!

So while I remember, I'm going to write some of my funny mistakes with spanish, for your enjoyment.  One time Elder Silvestre wanted to cut his hair, and one of the members here has a barber shop.  So he asked me to call her to ask if she would cut his hair.  So I called and said, "Elder Silvestre wants to know if you will cut his horse."  So yeah, that was embarrassing.  Another time we were doing practices in the house for our companionship study and I was being the investigator.  I took the role of a drinker.  And I proceeded to explain that I have an addiction to cherries.  I meant to say beers.  But ya know, I'm trying my best, and I'm glad I have mistakes like this every once in a while.  They're funny, haha.

For easter, I bought myself some Kinder Eggs.  :)  And then I hard boiled some real eggs and we colored them with crayons.  It was simple, but fun, and overall it turned out to be a good easter.

But the real joy of Easter is knowing that we have a Savior, who lived again after 3 days in the tomb.  Because of him, we can always have hope in our lives.  Any weakness, sin, or problem can be healed because of him.  I know that he lives and that he loves each and every one of you with a perfect love.

Thats all for this week!  Have a great day!   -Elder Lindsay

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